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Catalyst team building programs are sold and distributed in Indonesia by KITA, a leading team development company.

Budi Setiawan

KITA is an inspiring platform designed and created to provide professional solutions through tailor made training workshops to any individual and organization in need. They aim to help strengthened your businesses' foundation in organisational management, as well as, soft skills development.

The team at KITA strive to keep inspiring you to take action to benefit your future. It is this endeavour that has shaped their vision and namesake, KITA: Keep Inspiring, Take Action.

KITA are committed to ensuring their team building programs are positive and effective. They have been comprehensively trained in selling and delivering Catalyst team building programs and uphold the Catalyst Global standard of Excellence in Team Building. In addition, KITA provides a selection of coaches with years of experience specialising in leadership, organisational management, communication and presentation skills, public speaking, creative thinking and solution selling, decision making, smart negotiation, coaching and counselling, business transformation, and human capital.

With a firm belief in the beneficial outcomes of their tailored approach, the team at KITA are excited to invite you to train and learn with them. KITA focuses not only in quality, but also in the flexibility of its learning method.

The team at KITA love what they do and want you to feel the same joy and energy in their fun approach to learning.