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Catalyst team building programs are sold and distributed in Indonesia solely by Inspiring KITA, a leading team development company.

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Inspiring KITA is an inspiring-based platform founded and designed in 2018 to provide innovative and professional solutions through tailor-made training programs. Inspiring KITA is committed to giving positive and effective contributions to help strengthen the foundation in organizational management, human resources, as well as soft skills development and improvement.

Inspiring KITA has been successfully providing numerous Indonesian companies in many cities throughout the country with next-level, high-quality, and highly beneficial training and team building programs.

By 2022, Inspiring KITA’s focus is to emphasize inspiring teams all over Indonesia. Equipped with many innovative and high-quality programs, Inspiring KITA continues to share awareness of team building gamification in Indonesia and was recently awarded a MURI (Indonesian-World Record Museum) award as the first company that provides team building programs using virtual reality in Indonesia.

The team at Inspiring KITA love what they do and want you to feel the same joy and energy in their fun approach to learning.