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ITRALL is a leading training and development company and the exclusive Catalyst Global Teambuilding partner for Guatemala.

Juan Carlos Vásquez


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ITRALL (International Training Alliance), a leading training and development company based in Guatemala, boasts a formidable team of consultants specializing in recreational methodologies. This dynamic team is dedicated to fostering the training and development, strengthening, and growth of teams, leaders, and organizations in Guatemala. With a commitment to excellence, ITRALL has maintained its leadership position in the region, consistently delivering exceptional results in challenging, highly creative projects focusing on sustainability.

The company's extensive portfolio encompasses a wide range of offerings, including kickoff events, cultural gatherings, business training, leadership development, sales enhancement, and communication improvement. ITRALL efficiently serves the Central American and Caribbean markets by capitalizing on its strategic geographical location. The company continues to evolve through strategic alliances, providing increasingly effective solutions for its clients.

Over two decades, ITRALL has passionately worked to create transformative experiences for individuals and organizations. This dedication has driven the team to innovate and implement cutting-edge methodologies, ensuring a lasting positive impact. ITRALL is dedicated to consistently pursuing improvement and enhancing quality. This commitment is especially pronounced as ITRALL is part of the world's largest Teambuilding Network, Catalyst Global.

Our vision: Create unforgettable experiences in the acquisition and application of knowledge!