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Catalyst Global team building products are sold and delivered under exclusive license in Poland by Catalyst Poland located in Krakow.

Monika Dymacz

Exprofesso Catayst Poland

Catalyst Poland is grounded on business know-how, professionalism, reliability, as well as, passion and innovation. The Polish Catalyst team ensure that all programs, as well as being fun and engaging, have key business benefits that bring lasting changes for individuals, teams and companies.

Through the power of experiential learning, individuals can learn about making the right decisions and predicting their consequences. Whether an indoor or outdoor event, ultilising the power of edutainment allows individuals to concentrate on the most important management issues in a safe environment that enables experimentation in learning. They are also a great tool for building teams, improving communication and driving cooperation among participants.

The team at Catalyst Poland is committed to the quality of service, priding themselves in their customer effectiveness. Through a close relationship with clients, long after a program is run the engaged Catalyst team monitor and analyse the effect to ensure that it brings about lasting positive change.

This requires attention to open communication with business partners and clients to make sure that they are acquiring knowledge for future projects. To grow and excel, all feedback is valuable. Catalyst Poland believes that the business environment is ever changing and changes with it.

The Polish team is agile, always looking for inspiration to deliver the most up-to-date creative and innovative solutions that are the best fit for your teams' needs. And, with the power of the Catalyst Global suite of team building products, the highly trained and experienced staff at Catalyst Poland is well equipped to deliver team building and training programs to every destination across Poland.

Contact the team at Catalyst Poland today to find out how they can work with you to bring about lasting positive change for your team.

Since 2003 Catalyst Poland have been providing team building and training programs for business groups with a key focus on experiential learning to bring lasting change to organisations.