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Awa Teambuilding


With a Head Office in central Copenhagen Awa Team building is fully licensed to deliver a portfolio of Catalyst team building games and conference Icebreakers throughout Denmark.

Jacob Palmqvist


Catalyst Denmark AHA and Co

Awa Teambuilding delivers original, fun and exciting team building activities and events. Their events create engaged, dedicated and positive employees.  Their group corporate motivation events create energy and enthusiasm. Events guaranteed to bring happiness, cohesion and enhanced team spirit among employees.

They seek to discover the creative hidden talent in each individual in a team that is just waiting to be expressed. Catalyst Denmark provides the materials and expertise to help creativity run free. Through music, art and innovative business simulations, they create a positive atmosphere that will be remembered for a long time. With an extensive portfolio of meeting games, they can provide indoor or outdoor team building solutions at any Denmark conference destination or meeting venue.

Our products are designed so they can easily become an integral part of your function that supports your desired business or cultural objectives in an innovative and refreshing way.