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Catalyst Network welcomes Scotland

Team Challenge Company joins the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst team building products to Scotland.

Catalyst Global are excited to announce that team Challenge Company have joined the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst Team Building products to Scotland. Team Challenge Company already delivers more than 400 high-calibre corporate events every year for many of the world's most successful organisations including BP, KPMG and Standard Life Investments. As a Catalyst Global provider, Team Challenge Company is poised to undertake an expansion strategy, targeting new sectors, including the pharmaceutical and technological industries.

Team Challenge Company join Catalyst Network

Interactive Gamified Business Games

Catalyst Global’s investment into digital gamification will allow Team Challenge Company to progress with innovative activities, such as Peak Performance, an interactive tablet-based game which requires teams to guide clients up Mount Everest ‘as well as the live streaming of challenges. These developments allow teams to work together, no matter where they are, sharing knowledge and motivating each other to achieve set objectives.

Access to Global Distribution Network

In addition to having access to Catalyst Global’s products, Team Challenge Company can use the company’s network to distribute its own products. The company’s clients which have an international presence will also benefit from consistency in team development practices, as events carried out in the UK can be replicated on a global scale with the assistance of overseas partners.

"We have found that the introduction of digital gamification at corporate events is an extremely powerful way to engage and motivate delegates. This partnership gives our UK clients access to the world’s largest portfolio of team building activities. Catalyst Global is one of the most respected organisations within the industry. Its products and intelligent games, motivate and encourage progress in a way which other activities cannot. We are excited to be working with them to bring our clients the latest and most effective technologies."Gerard Crowley, Director, Team Challenge Company

"We are pleased to have such a well-respected and enthusiastic team representing our products in the UK. The Catalyst Global network thrives on the collaboration and shared expertise of our partners. Team Challenge Company bring their years of experience and a unique approach to the mix, benefiting our partners and their customers globally. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership."Guy Baker, CEO, Catalyst Global.