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Catalyst Network welcomes India

d'frens joins the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst team building product to the Indian market.

Catalyst has developed an exciting new partnership with d'frens in Bangalore to bring Catalyst team building activities to India. As their name suggests, d'frens is truly a group of old friends who met in the 90's while studying in Bangalore.

Over their 20 year friendship, working together worldwide, they desired to build their own business. Their MBA's have helped create a strong business plan and d'frens was born in 2005 with the intention of creating unique (notice that d'frens can also be pronounced "difference"!) practical and experiential employee engagement solutions.

d'frens india joins the catalyst team building network

Today, d'frens are recognised throughout India for their creativity, custom solutions and ability to run team building programs that address organisational needs. These guys are clever and inventive. It was only a matter of time before the most creative team building company in India joined forces with Catalyst Global. In a very short space of time they have successfully delivered a wide range of team building activities from the Catalyst portfolio, and we are looking forward to spreading some of their creations throughout our global network.

The team are based in Bangalore, giving easy access to the Goa conference Industry. However, they spend a lot of time in Delhi and Mumbai, and of course are well resourced to run team building events throughout India.

Catalyst Global are excited that their products will now be distributed in one of the largest markets on the planet and look forward to an amazing future together with d'frens.