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Catalyst Network welcomes Germany

Spielgestalter joins the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst team building products to the German market.

Catalyst Global are excited to announce that Spielgestalter have joined the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst Team Building products to Germany.

"Spielgestalter" which means ‘play maker’, was founded in January 2013 by Markus Ruese and René Wittek. Centrally located in Cologne close to Duesseldorf, Bonn, Aachen, Rurgebiet and Frankfurt, Spielgestalter are available to deliver Catalyst Global team building product throughout Germany.

Spielgestalter team building

Spielgestalter are renowned in Germany for organising tablet GPS events and more recently with the development of their extremely popular indoor-event, Beat the Box which has been played by over 2,500 participants in less than 1.5 years.

We are excited to take the next step in cooperation with "Catalyst Global". Through the Catalyst Global network, it's now possible for Spielgestalter to offer even more professional, cutting edge team-building events to customers in Germany. This will give us the opportunity to develop Spielgestalter into the number one creative team building company in Germany within a few years!"René Wittek, Founding Director, Spielgestalter

"We are also excited that Beat the Box has been added to the Catalyst Global suite of team building products and will be available throughout the world from January 2016. Beat the Box is totally on message, it’s a collaborative race against the clock with strong ‘one vision’ learning and with Catalyst we can rock the world with it!"Markus Ruese, Founding Director, Spielgestalter