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Mark Davenport

Head of Business Development for Catalyst Global

In this podcast, we introduce Mark Davenport, Head of Business Development for  Catalyst Global.  Mark is responsible for identifying new partner prospects and facilitating their acquisition into the Catalyst Global network of team building.

With 30 years of experience working across all team building industry roles, Mark approaches his pioneering position with a broad depth of knowledge and passion. In particular, he is responsible for identifying new partner prospects and nurturing strategic opportunities. Successes include working alongside Catalyst Global CEO, Guy Baker, to grow Catalyst Global network to over 50 regional members in the space of 12 years and curating many groundbreaking team building concepts.  Mark has a keen eye for product development, driving and coordinating all product R&D functions to ensure that Catalyst Global’s product line continues to lead the industry in sophistication; being well designed and aligned with current trends and industry needs.

"It’s a competitive world, there is a lot out there, but as I mentioned before we have to continually innovate it. And the fact that it is a competitive market is good because it drives us all forward every day."


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Thanks to David Goldstein from Team Bonding, Catalyst USA for his investment and drive to make this podcast possible.

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