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Jakub Skorik

Head of Sales at Maxin PRAGUE

Jakub Skorik, Head of Sales at Maxin PRAGUE joins our podcast to share his experiences and the challenges they face bringing team building the Czech Republic.

Jakub’s not just a typical boss, he’s always on the move, wants to know everything, talk to everyone, and he’s always in the moment. That’s what he expects from Maxin PRAGUE! As an important part of the team, utilizing his background and experiences in events and team building to consistently adapt and develop Maxin Prague. The Czech Republic also faced restrictions and increased hygienic measures for gatherings and venues for 2020.

Over the years, Jakub has gone through all the work positions within the family-owned agency. Today, he knows exactly what needs to be arranged in each stage of each event’s preparation. He does not only apply his experience as a successful salesman, but always contributes significantly to the further development of the company by introducing modern technologies, searching for team building exclusive services, and engagement ideas that keep Maxin PRAGUE to be as complex event supplier in the Czech Republic as possible.

"Many times, we have to explain what the added value is of team building, that it is not just some kind of fun afternoon where they just drink a beer and play football."

Sit back relax and enjoy ....


Sit back relax and enjoy ....

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