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Hazel Jackson

CEO of Biz Group

From rags to riches – Hazel Jackson founded the Biz Group company in 1993 with just $700. As an entrepreneur at heart, Hazel has built this regionally recognized and successful multi-million-dollar business.

The group now employs 62 professionals and provides services in the fields of design and delivery of corporate training, deploying learning technology solutions, team building, meeting facilitation, and even launched the region’s first Virtual Reality Leadership Lab. When Hazel isn’t engaged in client interventions, her role as CEO is to establish new partners and alliances. She is an avid reader, attends 4-6 global thought leader conferences a year, and is regularly engaged for her learning industry perspective by local media.

"It's about being patient, digging in, rolling your sleeves up, and doing some really hard work if you really want to be successful in any industry. It's not glamorous, it is actually hard work to be an entrepreneur."

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