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Faraz Waheed

Director of Catalyst Pakistan

Faraz Waheed joins our podcast from Karachi, Pakistan. With a background in psychology, and over 5 years of experience in the travel and team building space in Pakistan, Faraz is one of the most recent additions to the Catalyst Network.

Faraz began his journey in the team building space by designing and executing corporate experiential learning programs at a local consultancy firm. His passion for adventure and meeting new people soon led him to start his own venture by the name of Art of Travel. With his co-founder and better half at his side, Art of Travel was selected for incubation at the technology incubator of Google for Entrepreneurs in Pakistan and quickly started to gain momentum.

Realizing the dire need for effective and innovative team building solutions in their local space, Faraz reached out to David Goldstein, who in turn made the introduction to Guy Baker, CEO Catalyst Global – and just before the world got swept up in COVID-19, there was a small celebration at the Art of Travel HQ in Karachi, for this young company had joined the leading network of team building giants from around the world.

"Our struggle is more about educating them, making them aware that fun and learning are not two different things - they are the same thing. When you combine fun with learning, it actually becomes more effective!"

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