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Daniel Trujillo

Director of Kadoma Team Building

Daniel Trujillo joins the podcast and speaks to Rich about his journey building the company Kadoma in Colombia.

Daniel is the Co-founder and Director of Kadoma Team Building, an organization that designs and develops outdoor and indoor team building activities, which inspires and empowers people and teams in organizations to prosper in their work, and in their personal lives.

Passionate about the interaction and performance of teams, Daniel has been facilitating learning processes through coaching, experiential education, adventure, and gamification for more than 15 years, Outdoor Educator of the YMCA and the University of Minnesota, master in education and experiential learning from the University of Antioquia.

He has developed and led different growth projects, among them, Bakongo Paz stands out. Bakongo Paz is a camp in which they unite young Colombian leaders with demobilized members of armed forces from outside the law.

 Victims of Colombia’s decades-long war unite for a one-week immersive experience, based on empathy, nonviolence, and creativity.

As a part of the World Economic Forum, in 2017 Bakongo Paz was selected as the grand-prize winner of the Shaping a Better Future Grant Challenge a Coca-Cola provided acceleration funding to increase the impact of Global Shapers Hub projects. Daniel has loved taking his personal growth conferences to various venues, including TEDx and Lead the Change, and continues to develop other ideas to inspire people.

"Adventure is not only putting up a harness and hooking up to a rope …. Adventure is when you face the unknown. When you face the unknown and have to manage the risk and you have to work as a team in order for the team to conquer a challenge."

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