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Catalyst Network welcomes Pakistan

Catalyst Pakistan brings fresh team building ideas to Pakistan with Art of Travel and Catalyst Global.

With a vision to guide people in transforming their lives, Catalyst Pakistan sets flight to offer innovative training and team building solutions to the corporate sector in Pakistan.

Art of Travel was established to encourage personal growth in their clients through meaningful experiences. It is now recognised as one of the leading tour operators in Pakistan well know for their novel corporate retreats, unique adventures, bold travel experiences and culturally immersive activities.

Realising the need for effective and innovative training and team building activities for corporates in Pakistan, Art of Travel founders Faraz Waheed and Hajrah Razvi reached out to Catalyst Global. Faraz explains,

Catalyst Pakistan

"Being in the corporate team building and training space of Pakistan for almost five years now, and seeing an almost complete lack of innovation has been upsetting, to say the least. The biggest players in the industry have almost all been recycling the same old techniques and activities and since there have been no alternatives in the market, for the longest time clients have been purchasing the same old programs with updated packaging! While the space has been stagnating in Pakistan, we were watching the global team building and training sector innovating and evolving ... with trailblazers, Catalyst Global. We wanted to bring these life-changing ideas to Pakistan, so we got in touch".

Chief Executive Officer, Guy Baker long-time explorer of Pakistan's whitewater rivers was immediately interested. Guy Baker remarked,

"Right from the get-go, it was obvious that the passion and company culture were a great fit for the Catalyst Network. Their dedication to being the very best at what they do in the corporate adventure space with proven positive outcomes for their clients is impressive and matched what we all work to achieve in the Catalyst community - excellence in team building - which of course means, excellent results!"

In the corporate sector, Art of Travel will proudly operate as Catalyst Pakistan. Co-founder Hajrah passionately clarifies this decision,

"We're so glad to have become part of a network of like-minded individuals, that support, share and grow together. And we're proud to be introducing Pakistan to proven methodologies and cutting-edge technology that has been tested, adapted and loved in more than 50 countries worldwide! Its an honour to be chosen as the ambassadors of the Catalyst brand in Pakistan."

Art of Travel was selected for incubation at the technology incubator of Google for Entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Guy Baker further qualifies their decision,

"As such a young, passionate company with their finger on the pulse of the millennial generation, having Art of Travel join the Catalyst team building network further adds to our diversity of skills and experience."

The vision of Catalyst Pakistan is to motivate and engage corporate teams with effective team building activities. With a focus on creating an atmosphere of ultra-high engagement to help participants achieve their best as individuals and to come together through the shared experience of challenge, learning and fun. Teams that are made up of inspired individuals have a positive effect on company culture and bottom line.

Catalyst Pakistan will offer the full suite of 160 Catalyst team building products with an emphasis on the latest cutting edge leading programs like Go Team, Beat the Box, The Infinite Loop, Situation Room and Peak Performance. And of course, they will bring the original, long-standing popular Catalyst team building programs like The Big Picture, Flat Outs, River Runner, Quickfire and Chain Reaction to corporate teams in Pakistan. These activities can be incorporated into team-building retreats, experiential learning programs, CSR activities, skill development programs, corporate events, product launches, meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.