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Catalyst Network welcomes Morocco

Tendencia Events & Travel joins the Catalyst Network, bringing Catalyst team building products to Morocco.

Catalyst Global is excited to announce the addition of Tendencia Events & Travel to the Catalyst Network, extending Catalyst Team Building products to Morocco.

Based in Tangier and Marrakech, Tendencia Events & Travel collaborates with a dedicated team of Moroccan Destination experts who specialize in Team Building, Incentives, Conferences, Seminars, and Touring. They excel in delivering outcomes, even for the most demanding, imaginative, and intricate projects.

Tendencia's team leverages their collective expertise in event communication, consultancy, business travel, and experiential marketing to embrace client challenges, serving as both a driving force and a source of inspiration.

tendencia catalyst morocco team

We create a memorable experience, strengthening the bonds between collaborators and propelling team to new heights of success. Catalyst Global Teambuilding, as a world-leading curator of teambuilding solutions, has exemplified this commitment. Tendencia Morocco is pleased to be associated with a network that empowers companies to fortify their teamwork culture. WE celebrate, WE welcome, WE discover, WE resolve, WE engage, WE align.. need for inspiration? Yes WE Can!! Joining the world's largest team building network is truly a delight. - Nabih Kabbaj, Founder and Managing Director, Tendencia Events & Travel

mark davemport and Nabih Kabbaj

Tendencia's team is eager to introduce a fresh and dynamic approach to the Moroccan teambuilding market and to become the leading teambuilding company in Morocco.

Catalyst Global warmly welcomes our new Moroccan partner! We're excited about the insights and expertise they will bring to the Catalyst Network.

We look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the Moroccan teambuilding market together. Here's to a future filled with remarkable achievements through our partnership!

Morocco is a long-established motivation and incentive destination, and we’re very confident to have Tendencia as an exclusive partner ‘on the ground’ to support ‘inbound’ and ‘local’ teambuilding enquiries. The ‘Africa zone’ represents a growth market for Catalyst Global right now with Tendencia being the second team-building company from this region to join our network in the last six months. I know Nabih and his team can’t wait to deliver Catalyst’s comprehensive portfolio of activities and become the leading team building in Morocco; we’re here to support them all the way. - Mark Davenport, Head of Business Development Catalyst Global