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Zombie Rising

Urban adventure race to "take down" the zombies

About this product

Teams embark on an urban adventure to "take down" deadly zombies in a compelling test of teamwork and cooperation.

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Deadly zombies escaped from a maximum security research facility and killed scientists before going in different directions. Fortunately, every zombie has a built-in security mechanism that can disable them. The search is on. The party must act quickly to stop the zombie apocalypse!

Working as a team, they set out to hunt down the "undead", deciphering clues to quell them. As they overcome the challenge, the teams realize they must cooperate with other teams, sharing vital information to stop the zombies and get out of the zombie zone.


Zombie RIsing Go Team


Zombie Rising builds collaboration and leverages teams to avoid internal competition and drive everyone to success. The Fun Zombie theme is instantly accessible, speeds up connections and helps people relax while playing. This engaging team-building activity promotes a culture of productivity by building rapport among team members. Zombie Rising's quests, puzzles, and challenges have been designed to cover and build on multiple skills, encouraging everyone to embrace their strengths and weaknesses. Zombie Rising is flexible for any indoor or outdoor space and can be tailored to fit the timeframe and reflect business-related content.