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VR – Whodunit?

Multi-player virtual reality team building activity

About this product

VR - Whodunit? is a fun, table-top, multiplayer VR experience which challenges teams to communicate effectively to solve a crime.

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Welcome to The Grange, a renowned and elegant hotel steeped in the charm of yesteryear. Once a favored retreat for the rich and famous, it now bears witness to a heinous crime. A murder has occurred within its opulent walls, and your team has taken on the role of detectives in this gripping mystery.

Your task is to unveil the secrets concealed within The Grange: Where did the murder transpire? What method was employed to commit the crime? What motives lurk behind the shadows? Most importantly, who is the perpetrator?

The challenge unfolds as a race against time. Each team member takes turns entering the virtual realm, where they must communicate their findings. Meanwhile, their counterparts in the real world must skillfully interpret these virtual clues and align them with tangible evidence. Teamwork and creative thinking are the keys to piecing together the puzzle and solving the mystery before rival teams.

Embark on this thrilling journey, where the virtual and real worlds converge, and only the most astute detectives will emerge victorious in this competitive quest for the truth.

vr whodonit multiplayer vr teambuilding activity


Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of "CSI Whodunnit?" – a multiplayer virtual reality game that hinges on teamwork and active communication for success. In this captivating adventure, collaboration is key as participants work together to unravel the mysteries that unfold in the virtual realm.

Each participant's journey involves being observant and articulating relevant information clearly as they navigate through the immersive virtual world. In the real world, success is contingent on active listening and posing the right questions, leveraging the available information to solve the intricate puzzle.

Confronted with a wealth of data, participants must hone their focus on the essential questions, cultivating the ability to discern what truly matters. Throughout the game, process improvement takes center stage as team members refine their collaborative skills. Deductive reasoning becomes the linchpin in reaching conclusions, driven by both logical analysis and consensus building.

Engage in spirited competition against other teams, fostering team spirit and motivating all participants to be fully engaged, striving for excellence in service of the team's collective success. "CSI Whodunnit?" is more than just a game – it's an immersive experience where logical thinking, effective collaboration, and friendly competition converge for an unforgettable adventure.