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Two Tribes

Teams wear tribal regalia and compete in the indigenous Olympic Games.

About this product

Two Tribes is an active team building event. Teams dress in tribal regalia and compete in the Olympic Games of the Indigenous Peoples.

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Initially, your entire party forms two opposing tribes, red and blue. Each tribe then creates an equal number of smaller sub-teams. The action begins with a "warm-up" where teams create their bespoke tribal insignia. To impress, each team takes turns going through a series of "quests" and goes head-to-head with the opposing tribe's team. The points accumulated by the team contribute to the tribe's total score. Strategy is the key to success. The rules allow teams to play to their strengths, select players to rest during some challenges, and reserve power for their favourite quests.
At the closing ceremony, the red and blue tribes have their final haka showdown. The top-performing teams for each quest and the winning tribe will be announced. The two tribes unite and celebrate many achievements.


Participants are introduced to unusual and traditional sports in a way that promotes participation, inclusion and mutual respect. Everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of their team or tribe, and everyone has a role. Designed to get your heart pumping, this wholesome experience fosters team dynamics while having fun! Strategy is important as you can choose which player will rest during the challenge.
They are designed for people of all physical abilities to participate in a fun and supportive environment. This healthy team building activity is about integrity, inclusivity and mutual respect. Two Tribes' unique format creates a level playing field and showcases traditional sports that participants would otherwise not be able to experience.