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Team Torque

Teams create their cars then race them to win!

About this product

Team Torque is a creative team building activity - teams complete challenges to obtain model car components, combine them then race to the finish!

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Teams motor through tasks, earning points to buy vital model car components for a drag strip finale. Witness an explosion of energy and creativity with this dynamic car-themed team building event. A packed crowd is excitedly buzzing, eagerly awaiting the start of the first race. Teams create and construct their cars by participating in a series of team challenges. They design and decorate banners and promotional materials to support and cheer on their team. Then, it's time for the race. The teams line up at the start. When the flag flies, mechanics pump air into the rocket, forcing the car off the starting grid. The straighter and truer the course, the further the cars will travel. The winner, of course, is the car that travels the furthest down the track

Team Torque race track

Learning Outcomes

Teams must draw on their communication, leadership and project management skills in a series of exercises to gain the components to construct their cars and then build them with limited resources within an allotted time. Creativity and innovation is required to design a team slogan and banner. The race itself is a fun, energising and motivational exercise that enhances team dynamics and unties teams.

Team Torque has been used to raise money for schools, hospitals and disaster relief. Prior to the event, teams can seek sponsorship for their cars with the proceeds going to the desired charity. In other cases, teams bet on the winning cars, with the winners donating their winnings.