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Situation Room

Take command and control of the situation

About this product

The Situation Room is a highly engaging crime solving game that focuses on Special Operations investigations.

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The Situation Room is a highly engaging crime-solving business game focusing on Special Operations investigations. Each video briefing opens a series of locked briefcases to reveal challenges and resources to solve a crime syndicate problem. Each case is presented with accompanying details, evidence and clues. The Situation Room team will begin their briefing with an introduction and summary of the case and then reveal the evidence, clues and details via a virtual crime scene investigation. Video Briefs are delivered at set time points throughout the programme to create “real-time” updates. A countdown timer gives teams an idea of the time left until the next update. A briefcase containing ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, and DELTA compartments is vital to the programme. Each compartment can be opened to gain resources and challenge solutions to complete for “Special Operations”. The investigation teams submit their findings using a secure mobile application (Situation Room APP).

Learning Outcomes 

Participants in Situation Room learn how to link the right people and information to think strategically and work agilely. By doing so, situational leadership and high performance under pressure will be better appreciated and understood. With situational leadership as a skill, you can improve your situational awareness and become a better decision-maker under pressure. By learning to use situational leadership as a tool, you can be a more effective leader under pressure and get more out of your team. The engaging theme and carefully designed variety of challenges ensure full engagement by all participants, and team dynamics and the power of teamwork are all developed and understood through teamwork.