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Race Around the World

Fun, engaging globe-trotting race around the world for teams working remotely.

About this product

Race Around the World is a fun online team building activity with an iterative learning framework where participants are encouraged to gather information, think critically and compare solutions with other remote workers in their team.

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Race Around the World is a popular online team building activity. It is loved by organisations worldwide for its engaging theme and interactive format. In Race Around the World, each team represents an explorer. Players communicate with their team over video conferencing. Each teams' objective is to guide their team's explorer avatar across the globe. Teams aim to complete all three game levels successfully with the maximum amount of points. Along the way there are online bulletins and a variety of information on the game map to assist them in their quest.


Race Around The World allows remote workers to develop soft skills applicable to working from home. The gamified format enables teams to practise and develop these soft skills in a relaxed informal way. Participants gather information, think critically and discuss their findings with their team. In this way, actively listening to receive messages and watching for facial cues is important.  Also, they must communicate precisely and succinctly.

Team dynamics will improve. Successful teams value all players input. To succeed teams must apply critical thinking and make decisions collaboratively. Race Around the World is a fun online team building activity, a memorable experience and an excellent reflective tool for all involved.