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Quickfire Halloween

Motivating and uplifting themed quizzes on risk and reward.

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Teams invest in challenges of varying difficulty and aim to complete as many challenges as possible to maximize points.

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Quickfire Halloween is a themed quiz where teams weigh risks and rewards, team up and collaborate, dress up and have spooky fun! Aim to maximize points by completing The mental, creative, and active tasks offered by the tablet menu come in varying levels of difficulty and take many forms, from individual quests to whole-team challenges. Some even require the involvement of other teams. To spice up the game, you can pause the game for stage challenges to boost your energy and earn bonus points. Challenges include Halloween story trivia, active pumpkin activities, creative disguises and spooky makeup, campfire stories, dances, and more.


Quickfire Halloween


In Quickfire Halloween, there's something for everyone. Successful teams balance planning and action, risk and reward, and develop joint strategies. Quickfire Halloween requires effective communication. Team members should speak openly, listen actively, and match each issue with the right team member. As challenges are successfully solved, trust is built, and individuals learn to appreciate each other's diverse abilities. Despite all the energy of a competitive quiz, inter-team and group-wide challenges make Quickfire Halloween a truly collaborative experience for the whole group.