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In the Picture

Teams dress up, take headshots, and combine them into one magical photo

About this product

Creating the company logo from a collage of portraits that encourages creativity and unity in a memorable shared experience.

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In In The Picture, upon arrival at the conference, each delegate is photographed against a multicoloured background. During the conference, all images were processed on our computer system to create a grand closing program with the delegates' participation. Through a dramatic soundtrack, they begin to see themselves on the big screen. First, we see a quick sequence of individual faces, then a clip of four faces, then sixteen, then sixty-four. As our vision diminishes and speed increases, we see more and more faces until there are too many to count. The camera view pulls back further until we see that multiplied many times, the images have come together to create the company logo or conference theme message.


In the Picture is a spectacular three-minute conference highlight that celebrates what makes your company special and recognizes employees' contributions to its success. In the Picture reminds individuals that they have a role in the company. It emphasizes that every individual is important and that together, individuals form the company's culture and are the living representation of the brand.