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Go Team Wellbeing

Remote teams focus on health and wellbeing

About this product

A remote team building activity designed to enhance connections and shared experience focusing on physical & mental health. Fun, relaxed and all-inclusive, yet thought-provoking with practical ideas on diet, posture, movement and the importance of connection.

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Now more than ever, we need to keep an open mind to improve our ability to adapt to frequent change. Mental and physical health and wellbeing are essential to thriving both in our work and personal lives. Connecting with others to share and develop empathy with others is critical for everyone's wellbeing.

Go Team Wellbeing will help your team enhance their emotional intelligence, build resilience and appreciation for others. Its fun and engaging gamified format ensure that everyone feels included, and the thought-provoking learnings have a long-lasting effect.

Go Team Wellbeing trains participants on how to make their strengths beneficial to the whole team. Team members develop skills for smoother and positive communication with colleagues. The programme helps them create a positive emotional environment and thus to facilitate more effective work processes. Go Team Wellbeing helps your team members to be more confident, to stay calm and energetic. It encourages them to focus on the fact that they are the creators of their lifestyle and future.