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Global Festival Game

Summer music festival fun!

About this product

The Global Festival Game stimulates memories and team building.

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Teams go to a summer music festival with the game app. Around the meeting, locations are GPS-positioned ‘stages’ that symbolize team members. The Global Festival ground has seven music stages, each representing a different music genre. Upon arriving at each location, the app activates a range of challenges, solves riddles, takes pictures and videos of ‘festival moments, and researches information on the festival website supporting it. The team that scores the most points at the end wins.

This engaging live team building game gets people to connect face-to-face at the festival through music, discovery, and teamwork. It also gives them a competitive edge by testing their communication, creative thinking, and knowledge of the music festival. This face-to-face team building activity is an ice breaker that enables people to meet new friends and connect. The activities are designed to get people to communicate with each other through music and teamwork.

festival themed team-building

LEARNING OUTCOMES | Festival-Themed Team building

Global Festival Game sparks memories and conversation in teams developing bonds. Participants learn to gather and communicate information effectively in order to improve their problem-solving skills and processes. Team members see a return on their improvement as they gain knowledge of the music industry by learning how to communicate effectively and appropriately. Teams are put to the test when time and resources are limited, forcing them to be creative and look for opportunities. Each zone gives team members the task of allocating tasks to their strengths in order to benefit the team as a whole.