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Chain Reaction Lifesize

Make a series of cascading life-size devices

About this product

A real-life project is emulated in Chain Reaction, where teams are limited by time and resources.

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Each Chain Reaction LifeSize team builds a complex contraption comprising a series of devices activated in sequence when one device is triggered. Each device triggers the next in line, producing a domino effect; activating one device triggers the next. Devices must be tested and revised to ensure they work properly. Once they've completed their machine, they work with the next team to ensure it operates smoothly. Then all the devices are activated in sequence to produce a cascading causality series of triggers, which concludes the Chain Reaction once complete.

Finally, the first team fires their Chain Reaction, which triggers the next team's production. The process continues until the room is filled with Chain Reaction machines that produce a wondrously simple yet stupendously impressive outcome. A Rube Goldberg machine that performs a simple task in an indirect and overcomplicated fashion is similar to a complex and indirect device that simply serves a simple job.

creative team-building


The Chain Reaction game models a real-life scenario in which teams must make do with limited time and resources. Human and physical resources are divided into small working groups in the planning stage, requiring both human and material resources. In the design phase, teams must work together to create a realistic scope based on problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. Chain Reaction requires everyone to be engaged, improves thinking, and motivates excellence. Teams must coordinate with specific technical skills and project management strategies in the build and testing phases.