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BeatsWork is a corporate percussion workshop that energizes and unites teams.

About this product

Success is achieved when individuals and teams work in synergy with the whole group.

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Small groups start with a professional percussionist, where you learn the basics of samba rhythms and breaks. Teams then move to real instruments, understanding the different tools and rhythms. Everyone participates in Beatswork. Even the most inhibited participants will stamp out the beat in unison with their associates. As confidence and competence grow, the groups are brought together in preparation for a magnificent and electrifying finish of historic proportions. Long after the activity is over, exhilaration and good cheer linger.

rhythm team building

Learning Outcomes

The power of collective rhythm is unleashed in Beatswork, invigorating and energising participants. It shows the importance of cross-functional cooperation. When individuals and teams work together in synergy with the whole group, they succeed. This emphasises the significance of a focused common purpose.

Those who love Beatswork have used it to motivate their employees and bring joy to others by performing at their local retirement village or in the children's ward of a local hospital.