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Reshapers is the Catalyst Teambuilding partner for the Dutch Caribbean, providing teambuilding activities to the whole Caribbean.

Iliëne Corsen, Kervin Viginie, Daniel Corsen

reshapers catalyst dutch caribbeal team picture

Our Mission

At Reshapers, our work revolves around a clear aim: to enable people, organizations and communities to thrive through change. Core to who we are and what we do is to make organizations more responsive, agile, and fulfilling places for all.

Through our Transformation, Employee Engagement, Marketing & Communication, and Multimedia solutions, we co-create with you to articulate a clear purpose, design a fitting strategy, facilitate a values-based culture and support your team to lead the transformation they envision.

We do things the Reshapers way; through inquiry-driven approaches, visual experimentation, and people-centric facilitation.

Our Team

As an interdisciplinary team, we take care of organizations and their requests in what we believe is the best way possible. Combining our disciplines allows us to see things differently, do things differently and make a difference. As enablers, storytellers and facilitators, we help you discover new ways to do business, communicate with your audiences, and empower your people to adopt new mindsets and behaviours.

We are happy to take organisations on a journey to build relationships and develop teams. We help equip your employees with the necessary tools to create effective teamwork focused on commitment and delivering a high level of excellence.