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With a centrally located head office in Bogota, Kadoma Outdoors are dedicated to providing the best team building programs across Colombia.

Daniel Trujillo, Lina Nuñez, Daniel Buritica, Carlos Lopez


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Kadoma Outdoors provides value to its clients through designing and developing workshop solutions that are tailored to requirements and build strong individuals and dynamic teams. Whether you are targeting staff development, change management, networking, strategic planning, communication, process improvement, customer relationship management or CSR, Kadoma can tailor a solution to meet the unique needs of your team with lasting results.

Choose from a range of outdoor teambuilding, conference energisers, interactive business games, music and rhythm and creative team solutions. Kadoma’s team of friendly and experienced staff are expertly trained to manage the learning process through their outdoor and indoor team building activities. Participants are guided in learning to sharpen communication, leadership and decision making skills while having fun! Kadoma Outdoors works closely with local youth empowerment organisations, Recojo and Bakongo both of which have been recognised globally for their efforts.

"Through outdoor training programs and  Catalyst Global’s team building activities, we offer participants the opportunity to improve their personal skills enabling them to increase their level of motivation in the face of work and personal commitments."