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Catalyst Global team building products are sold and distributed in Estonia under exclusive licence by ​EnterTraining OÜ the leading training and team building company in Estonia

Tiina-Katrina Kaber


Catalyst Estonia

EnterTraining OÜ focuses on developing teams by using the concept of entertraining: engaging people, analyzing experiences and sharing relevant information. Their passion is creating events where people truly grow and develop by tapping into their own experiences, skills and knowledge. They provide the environments to explore, the content to discover and the information to compliment existing know-how.

Catalyst Estonia is the brand for high-end, interactive and energizing teambuilding methods used in our entertraining events. From conference energizers to business simulations at longer training programs, we have something that fits any client's needs. If we don't, we'll build it! With training experience since 2002, a network of more than 50 partner organisations worldwide, and genuine interest in seeing teams transform, Catalyst Estonia can help you take your team to another level.

Entertraining the art of engaging people, analyzing experiences and sharing relevant information.