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D&I Business Support Services (D&I)


D&I Business Support Services (D&I) is the Catalyst Teambuilding partner for the Dutch Caribbean, providing teambuilding activities to the whole Caribbean.

Iliene Corsen, Daniel Corsen

With a centrally positioned office, D&I takes organisations on a journey to build, develop, grow and innovate. Organisations, by definition, need people to work well together- new teams, established teams, and teams who need to work well with other teams.

Building teamwork should be a priority in a variety of organisational situations, such as building a more positive and healthy workplace climate or increasing morale in difficult times, introducing new leadership, new ways of operating, interdepartmental cooperation and collaboration, integration/combination of various persons or departments, increase skills and effectiveness, and overcoming resistance to change.

We are happy to take organisations on a journey to build relationships and develop teams. We help equip your employees with the necessary tools to create effective teamwork focused on commitment and delivering a high level of excellence.