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Catalyst Global team building products are sold and distributed in Chile under exclusive licence by Antawaya Group, leading team building company in Chile.

Alfonso Canales

Antawaya Group began operations in December 2011 with the creation of Antawaya Outdoor Leadership Center focusing on events and outdoor activities. Later in 2014, Antawaya developed UHC Capacita, a consultancy group with a head office in Santiago.

Antawaya Group regards its greatest asset to be the people who make up their team - it's no wonder Antawaya Group is well known in the industry for its passionate, skilled people! They aim to generate change and enrich the lives of people both personally and professionally through team building, training and experiential learning in its city location, at its outdoor training centre or at your conference venue or office.

The team at Antawaya can tailor a solution to suit the unique needs of your team and your desired outcomes including staff development, change management, networking, strategic planning, communication, process improvement, customer relationship management or CSR. As part of the Catalyst Global network, they offer the Catalyst Global guaranteed quality assurance of high standards, product excellence and extensive experience when organising and delivering corporate events and team building products.

"We focus on helping our clients develop their leadership, teamwork and communication skills with the objective of bringing lasting change in an entertaining and effective way."