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Catalyst Network welcomes Slovakia

Extraordinary joins the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst team building products to Slovakia.

Extraordinary Slovakia are an experienced event agency operating since 2009.  Their solutions are H2H – Human to Human.  They believe that investing in employees is critical for growing a business and improving its performance. Key to this is meaningful shared experiences like team building activities which target specific behaviour and outcomes.

With the professional and intelligent manner in which Extraordinary Slovakia approach what they do, Catalyst Global team building products will be sold to the same high standards in Slovakia that we are well known for worldwide.  We are also very excited with potential fresh insights and input that such a professional reputable business will bring to the Catalyst Team Building Network.

Catalyst Slovakia team


“We’re moving to a much deeper consultative approach with our clients and encouraging them to define real goals. Catalyst Global’s versatile proven product range will allow us to create highly relevant team building experiences assist in achieving these goals. We joined Catalyst because we believe in meaningful team events, shared knowledge and the power of reciprocity. The Catalyst Network has a reputation for collaboration and industry sharing.  We are proud to be an activity member of this network. None of us is as smart as all of us.“



Lubo Tomko, CEO, Extraordinary Slovakia.