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Masami Sato, B1G1 : Businesses for Good

Founder & CEO of B1G1

Meet Masami Sato, founder of B1G1 - Business For Good. She is the guiding light behind almost every project at B1G1, from product design to member events to our team culture. Having lived in and traveled to over 30 countries across 5 continents, Masami’s experiences have given her a unique perspective on life and giving. It’s no wonder that she’s so loved and admired in the B1G1 community.

In this episode as Rich interviews Masami you'll find out that B1G1 is a Global giving initiative that helps businesses embed giving in what they do and as a result have a positive impact on others. And you can learn more about the 2500+ businesses around the world on the mission to create a world full of giving. Through B1G1 businesses choose from 500+ high-impact causes around the world to assist. Every listed project undergoes strict vetting by B1G1, so they can make sure every cent of contribution makes a real difference.

“B1G1 is a commitment to becoming a Business for Good. ”

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