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Kingsley Seale

Director of Operations at Be Challenged

Kingsley Seale, Director of Operations at Be Challenged speaks about how his time with the Rugby Union has influenced him in creating effective teams.

A real passion for being a team player has always driven Kingsley’s work. In addition to his time as a team development consultant, Kingsley has been heavily involved in Rugby Union; including a professional stint as a rugby player in NSW and Italy, as well as coaching local suburban teams.

Knowing the importance of teamwork in sport, and the results achieved when a team is united with each player doing their role to the best of their ability, has helped Kingsley develop and execute business simulations that transforms teams. Kingsley takes the time to understand the needs of each individual client and works closely with them to develop programs that will generate the desired results. Whether the event is outdoors or indoors, active or creative, much of Be Challenged’s success and repeat business can be attributed to Kingsley’s tireless creativity, attention to detail, and ability to understand what is required.

"When we saw that that world was fun, was when you had a good team operating. When it was a chore, it was when the team wasn’t functioning. I think the most important thing is when someone is trying to lead is cause I do believe that everyone can lead… is to lead THEIR way and not try in a different way."

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