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Catalyst Network welcomes Cyprus

interFRONTIERS joins the Catalyst Network, bringing Catalyst team building products to Cyprus.

Catalyst Global are excited to announce that Nicosia-based experiential learning and training company, interFRONTIERS have joined the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst Team Building products to Cyprus.

interFRONTIERS has been actively involved in Training and Development, providing Human Resource Improvement Solutions to both local and international companies in Cyprus and beyond for the past 20 years.

Their online and in-person solutions have always emphasized engaging and fun-packed experiential training, as they firmly believe that this approach leads to "inside-out" learning that truly sticks and has a lasting impact.

The interFRONTIERS team is now excited to launch a whole new dynamic into the Cypriot teambuilding market.

Cypriot businesses recognize that at times of uncertainty, creating cohesive and aligned teams, is a must. We are thrilled that we have been entrusted the solutions of Catalyst Global Teambuilding, the world leading curator of teambuilding products. We are confident that companies which wish to enhance their teamwork culture will find amazing value in our offering. - Kyriacos Iacovides, InterFRONTIERS Managing Director

Catalyst Global proudly welcomes interFRONTIERS! We are thrilled about the knowledge and insightful expertise they will contribute to the Catalyst Network.

Their team is fueled by passion and values, and they take great pride in being part of communities that are dedicated to making businesses better for both their people and the world.

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It has been a long time coming, getting a partnership in Cyprus but finally it's here. Spending a week with the team at interFRONTIERS we could not be more certain that this collaboration is heading for greatness. Catalyst programs will now be available throughout Cyprus delivered to the same high standard as anywhere else throughout our 53 partner network. Looking forward to seeing them again next month at the Catalyst Global conference in Ireland where the two directors, Kyriakos and Lenia will be part of the 120 strong attendees. They joined us just in time. Welcome! - Guy Baker, Catalyst Global Founder & CEO