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Bridging The Divide

Building a bridge through collaborative teamwork.

About this product

Working as both supplier and customer, Bridging the Divide is an engaging and challenging team-building exercise.

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Each team builds a bridge to customer specifications by overcoming limited resources, communicating across cultural and language barriers, and adhering to strict deadlines. Bridges are creatively designed and decorated by each team, winning awards for creative engineering design, best branding, and efficient use of resources. Company bridges are extended versions of team bridges installed during the final event construction phase. A thrilling finale involves driving a remote-controlled vehicle over the entire length of the extended bridge.


Collaborative teamwork is required to meet the demands of Bridging the Divide. Each team must function as both a supplier and a customer to succeed. Effective communication between the company and customers depends on customer relationship management and understanding the impact of communication. Teams must use clever project management to be successful in this hands-on event. This is a fun, hands-on event that has strong metaphors. It emphasises the importance of cross-functional cooperation in achieving big-picture objectives.