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Bean Around The World

Coffee trading is a competitive game.

About this product

Supply chains are developed as participants gain an understanding of customer requirements in response to changing market forces.

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Teams participating in the Bean Around the World challenge simulate the coffee supply chain, from producer to consumer, to provide consumers with the perfect cup of coffee. To make money, teams purchase coffee from suppliers, trade with other syndicates, and then sell coffee blends to consumers at a profit. Superior market intelligence and fantastic service are necessary for successful coffee enterprises in Kenya, the Caribbean, Brazil, Borneo, and many other locations. Coffee teams buy and sell to maximize their benefit, experiencing both sides of the consumer equation. The game is played over three years, with the winners being the syndicate with the most cash at the end of year three.


In Bean Around the World, teams compete to deal with short-term success versus long-term strategy, risk management, and win-win negotiation. This experiential business game has been carefully designed to break down the silo mentality and promote collaboration among teams striving for the same objective. Participants experience the effects of fluctuating market forces, develop supply chains, and learn about customer needs. Information gathering, adaptive behaviour, and commodity valuations are emphasised in this scenario.