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Catalyst partner in Brazil


Conquistar is an experienced, trusted team building company and exclusive representative of Catalyst in Brazil.

Luis Zanin

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Since 1999 Conquistar has trained about 40,000 people from varied markets such as financial, automotive, logistics, industrial and pharmaceutical. Many of their activities have been for large corporations, both domestic and foreign, including programs in English, Spanish and German.

Their programs can be highly customised, ranging from off-road challenges to jazz experiences. Think of a theme and Conquistar are ready to create around it and help with your peripheral needs, such as finding the right hotel and arranging food and transport.

Their team building activities are clear and objective. Their solutions are flexible and simple, appropriate to different profiles, locations, topics and agendas. The team at Conquistar work with you to find answers tailored to your specific requirements. Moreover, they have the necessary academic support to achieve the desired depth of training. Conquistar is composed of a multidisciplinary staff. Their team of facilitators is fully trained with specialists in several areas. They are ready to meet the various challenges of an ever-changing professional environment.

"At Conquistar we develop employees’ potential by creating an environment for both teams and individuals to acquire skills and concepts applicable to real situations in day-to-day working life."