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Catalyst Global team building products are sold and distributed in Greece under exclusive licence by VISIBLE.

Dora Apostolopoulou, Eftychia Saroglou, Vaggelis Karastergios


Visible strive to help people discover new reasons to learn, develop and advance as members of a team in which they work and create every day by offering them innovative training tools. They are passionate about offering knowledge by using methods and materials of the highest quality and originality, which people will love and companies will choose due to their excellent outcome.

Visible strongly believe in the power of learning through experience whether used to engage employees or strengthen the loyalty of the customers; thus in Catalyst Global, they found the perfect partner. They make sure that their team building solutions are absolutely relevant to their customer specific needs and compatible with their culture.

Visible's enthusiastic and highly inspired team makes sure that the purpose of the training or the event is fully served through a unique creative experience. Visible design and bring to life corporate events, conferences, team-buildings, product launches, training programs which are based on Catalyst Global products and therefore are beyond comparison.

Our vision is to change the way people experience training; to teach them how to use their internal magic, in order to improve their performance as professionals.