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Go Team launches in Brighton

Treasure Hunt team building application Go Team launches in Brighton.

Go Team launches in Brighton

With Sunny weather last week, Brighton, on the south coast of the UK, proved to be the ideal location to launch another innovative new teambuilding product. Five teams took part to in a highly competitive event to road test key features of this unique ‘city challenge’ technology.

Operating on tablets, the Go Team app features a unique follow arrow that helps guide teams to their way points. Once members arrive at their destination, GPS-triggered challenges are issued to the teams in the form of questions, clues and pictures that require teamwork to complete.

Go Team launches in Brighton

This amazing race revealed some hidden history and lesser know facts about Brighton. Updates, feedback and scores were kept in real-time as the technology tracked teams’ progress through the lanes and back alleys of this fascinating city.

Did we lose anyone along the way? No! Go Team’s clever technology intelligently generates equal distance routes for each team and brings all teams safely to their final destination at a specified time

We’ve received some excellent feedback on Go Team to date; it’s proved to be a very flexible system serving as a creative platform for all abilities and all terrain. Whether exploring conference destinations like Brighton, ambling along footpaths, running through woodland or out on the water, Go Team creates memorable team interactions and allows participants to really get to know the location.