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Ryan Hornby

Head of Finance & Legals

Ryan has a big picture approach, working towards the growth of Catalyst Global to ensure organisational effectiveness and strengthen Catalyst Global’s position as the world leader in corporate team building. Ryan is an astute strategic thinker. He is the lead in all financial and legal aspects of the business. He has an enviable ability to see problems from all sides, visioning solutions to match.

Ryan is a finisher completer and will drive the team to successful completion of projects. He has been responsible for ensuring the continued expansion of the Catalyst team building network through effective internal reporting, web, financial, legal, CRM and communication IT systems. Most recently Ryan has applied this skill to IT projects guiding the business through the development of new tech based team building programs.

An agile thinker, he proactively and continuously identifies system risks and opportunities, developing & implementing strategies to address both.

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