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Rob Yeung

Head of Product

As the Product Asset Manager for Catalyst Global Rob is involved with product development from inception. Rob plays an important role in considering and advising the team on how potential products will be received in various markets. He takes into consideration product equipment costs and sourcing, as well as, transportation and custom issues that may arise in various markets.

Before products are brought to market Rob is responsible for overseeing the documentation of training materials and other supporting documentation. Rob is responsible for on-site training of new Catalyst Global partners. On a day-to-day basis he works closely with all partners in the Catalyst Global group to ensure that they have ready access to required product assets to facilitate delivery of Catalyst Global products at a consistent high standard across the world. Having extensive intimate knowledge of Catalyst Global products he plays the crucial role of advising partners on any aspects of a product design and delivery.

Rob’s calm, considerate nature ensures that he is able to deal with a diverse range of requirements and situations with ease.