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Tackling Employee Burnout

With Karrie Brazaski

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What does company culture have to do with employee burnout?

In this episode, Rich speaks to Karrie Brazaski, from Executive Coaching on how cultivating a supportive environment in your office is one of the key ways to help prevent employee burnout.

She believes leaders are the ones who help companies set the tone and the culture within the workplace.  Empowering and supporting the leaders within your organization with the right resilience tools before burnout begins will keep their team together and produce quality work.

“Leadership sets the culture and culture can really impact the way in which people operate within an organization.” – Karrie Brazaski

Karrie Brazaski is the founder of Redwood Executive Coaching where she helps organizations build leadership culture to retain and engage the workforce so they can be profitable and productive.
As a nurse and healthcare executive for three decades, Karrie has witnessed the damage to organizations caused by turnover. She has gone from a burned out hospital executive to an advocate for wellbeing and burnout recovery programs as part of promoting sustainable cultures. Karrie works with individuals and organizations to create leadership strategies to retain key talent and ensure stress and burnout are not the cause of lost productivity, profits, performance, or livelihood.

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