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Sustaining Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

with Daphne Hoppenot, David Goldstein

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With many companies adopting a hybrid work model, there is a need to find solutions to connect those who work in the office and those who work remotely to keep a positive workplace culture.

Host Rich Rininsland speaks with leaders of the corporate event industry Daphne Hoppenot and David Goldstein to uncover what hybrid events are, the benefits and flaws of hybrid work, and whether this solution may stick around for years to come.

“I think it, it opens up a lot of opportunity, not only for companies to access different types of workers than they would have had before.” – David

Daphne Bio: Daphne Hoppenot is the founder of The Vendry, a digital marketplace and professional community for the events industry.  Daphne launched The Vendry in April 2019 as a resource for corporate event pros to find agencies, venues, and vendors for their events. The platform evolved in response to the COVID-19 crisis to build community and help individual event professionals get credit for events they helped produce, showcase their work experience, network with each other, and market their availability for freelance or full-time work. As live events re-emerge, The Vendry is launching their RFP Tool, allowing buyers to quickly source event venues and vendors from the community in a customized and targeted way. As of August 2021, The Vendry has over 17,000 members, has helped plan thousands of live and virtual events, and is growing quickly. Daphne was an early employee at Yext, whereas partnerships lead she helped scale the company from pre-product through its 2017 IPO. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons.

David Bio: David launched TeamBonding in 1988 as a natural extension of the work he had done in the corporate entertainment industry. His early creations included scavenger hunts, customized murder mysteries, game shows, and many other unique group activities that clients started to request as team building.

Now his company boasts a catalog of innovative events using the power of play as a learning tool and tapping into the correlation between work and play.  He says he is guided by Plato’s credo: “You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

David is quick to move with the times, consistently bringing new and innovative ideas into the team building industry. In 2020 alone, TeamBonding released this Team Building Around the World Podcast, a Webinar Series, and was among the first to originally have virtual events even before the global need for it arose. No matter where your location is, TeamBonding has a proven solution to build your team.

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Thanks to David Goldstein from Team Bonding, Catalyst USA for his investment and drive to make this podcast possible.

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