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Stuart Downie & Baylee Goldstein of TeamBonding

Corporate Social Responsibility

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The leaders of TeamBonding’s newest department, TeamBondingCSR, talk about ways to bring your team together while contributing to worthwhile causes. There are so many options that TeamBonding’s CSR department offers to bring your team together while bringing awareness to many different causes. Studies have shown corporate social responsibility provides many benefits for companies. Teams feel more engaged and connected to their co-workers as they unite to help charities with more than just their dollars.

Stuart Downie: Stuart is a British Adventurer and accomplished Director who is just as happy presenting team building and leadership programs as he is leading a mountain expedition in the Highlands of Scotland or skippering a sailboat across the North Sea. Currently, he is the Director of TeamBondingCSR. He is also a master facilitator and can connect with the audience through the perfect blend of humor, passion, and the relevant training outcomes to help each individual. He believes that inspired people produce results and that people can change, develop, and fulfill their personal and professional goals during effective professional development. Stuart has over 12 years of experience facilitating high-level team building, team bonding, and leadership programs. He has run adventure training all over the world for the past 21 years and is an experienced leader with 16 years in senior management positions within a variety of different organizations including charities, small family-owned businesses, and large corporations. He embodies the spirit of adventure in every part of his life and hopes to bring this to all who he encounters.

Baylee Goldstein: Baylee is the Senior Manager of CSR Programming for TeamBonding. Baylee comes with a wealth of experience in the events and hospitality industry. Her background in corporate events, wedding planning, and business development provides Baylee with the knowledge to succeed in the volunteer management world. Baylee is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with an Integrative Arts degree focusing on Graphic Design, Advertising, and Visual Arts. Baylee enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and mostly spending time with her puppy, Blue, a mini Australian Shepard.

" There's a lot of studies and statistics now showing that consumers are more likely to trust companies that include social responsibility in their branding. And then those companies tend to have a better reputation from it.” – Stuart



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