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Stephen Baer Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency

Keeping Employee Engagement Fun

Team Building Podcast

October 18, 2021

Gamification of employee training is one of the better ways to keep your remote or hybrid team engaged and motivated.

With the Great Resignation continuing, hiring and training new team members is key.  New hires will find out about the workplace culture pretty quickly. Why not keep it fun? Stephen Baer offers insight into how gaming can be a great tool to improve employee engagement and make the workplace a healthier and happier space. Gaming can help show employers how their team collaborates, takes on new challenges, and shine a light on potential leaders all while creating a positive and engaging workplace culture.

Stephen Baer: Stephen is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency (an educational software company recently acquired by eLearning Brothers), a monthly contributor to Forbes.com, and a regular speaker at EdTech conferences. For 15 years Stephen has been creating game-based training strategies and solutions to educate and activate audiences. Since 2007 The Game Agency and their SaaS platform (The Training Arcade®) have developed award-winning games for new-employee on-boarding, sales and product training, leadership development, safety, security, compliance, systems & processes, customer service, and many other training topics. They have also helped shape the education industry and disrupt traditional learning methods with the creation of interactive games focused on Social Emotional Learning, S.T.E.M. Education, Financial Literacy and Diversity, and Health & Wellness, which have been played by millions of students worldwide.

" The whole point is to make the content really compelling, make sure that they can dive into it, engage with it, participate with it, see what we learn from it. Right? And also make it a safe place to fail.” – Stephen



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