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Coaching up: Setting your employees up for success

with Jackie Hague

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Uncover hidden talents within your organization and coach up that talent to grow and better your team’s performance. In this episode, Rich Rininsland speaks with Jackie Hague who shares how to create an environment where employees can strengthen their skills, feel supported, thrive, and most importantly, set them up for success. Jackie takes a deeper dive into talent development and high-performing colleagues.

“The most important thing for us to think about as leaders is sort of making sure that our team, especially our high performing high potential colleagues, the ones that we really want to invest in and routine over time that they see the path for themselves.” – Jackie Hague

Jackie Bio: Jackie Hague is a professional people-person and enthusiastic hype woman, passionate about helping turbo-talent reach new heights. As a Director of Enterprise Leadership Development for CVS Health, she is accountable for the strategy and implementation of High-Potential leadership development programs that accelerate the advancement of top talent. She loves stages and spotlights: super-powers include facilitation, culture building, leadership development, and getting people excited. In another life, she would be a Radio City Rockette.

Any opinions expressed are solely their own and do not express the view of any organization.

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