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Sandra Kearney of Human Power Solutions

Employee Retention

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October 4, 2021

Flexibility and empathy are keys to creating a positive environment where employees want to stay.

Sandra Kearney of Human Power Solutions talks to Rich about leaders needing empathy in order to retain their employees. Keeping yourself accessible, valuing your employees, and listening can go a long way when it comes to employee retention. By creating a connected community with your team it will drive a healthy workplace culture. Happy employees translates to your customers, your customer loyalty, and the long-term success of your organization.

Sandra Kearney is a seasoned sales and management professional with small business owner experience in a variety of industries. Her early career was based in the service/hospitality industry, including Marriott International and Brinker International (Chili’s), where she received world-class training and gained valuable skills, experience, and knowledge of business processes and effectiveness. Sandy was always promoted quickly to higher responsibilities, working in leadership positions in the areas of Marketing, Management, Employee Relations, and Customer Service.

She earned her Personal Training Certification in 2006 and discovered her ultimate passion in helping people achieve greater results physically, mentally, and in every area of life. Sandy purchased New Life Health and Wellness, a fitness center, in 2008. Prior to the purchase, the fitness center was doing poorly with only 88 members. She applied her sales, marketing, and process improvement skills and doubled the membership each year, growing quickly to over 500 members. Sandy also added staff, independent contractors, several services, and new programs, resulting in additional revenue gains. She completed her goal in 2015 by selling the business at a healthy profit.

Sandy has spent the last 5 years in the Learning and Development space. She launched her own firm, Human Power Solutions in December of 2019. It has been an immediate success due to her network and focus on client experience. Sandy’s ability to network, serve others and connect people is a large part of her success. Covid-19 has brought some new challenges but also exciting opportunities in the networking world.

Sandy earned her Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Nichols College in 2018 and has a BS in Chemistry from Assumption University. She lives in Westborough, MA, is the mother of three kids, 2 grandchildren, and has five siblings.

"People don't leave companies because of the money they leave it because of the culture or the management.” – Sandra



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