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Rage Quitting with Allison Barr

The Great Resignation conversation continues..

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The Great Resignation conversation continues, with rage quitting on the rise. 

What is the real culprit? With poor communication, lack of flexibility, and a toxic culture, employees are walking off the job without giving any notice. Have you noticed a pattern of a co-worker being less interested in engaging at work?  What about them contributing less to the team? Rich speaks to Allison Barr, on the great resignation, who shares her insights on how to recognize and prevent rage quitting.

“A lot of people are saying when my manager doesn't trust me, it creates a whole host of problems for me, and I feel micromanaged and that's enough for me to rage quit.” – Allison Barr

Allison Barr is a Leadership Solutions Partner for the Center for Creative Leadership, as well as an Executive and Career Coach. With 10+ years of global leadership development experience, Allison has worked with hundreds of leaders at all leadership levels across multiple countries including: Switzerland, Germany, UAE, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. While she has consulted in just about every industry imaginable, her most notable achievements include designing a Master Solution for Psychological Safety, as well as Human Centered Leadership. Allison also has a deep history in the public speaking arena, both locally and globally. While she has her Master’s degree in Psychology, she will also graduate with her MBA in 2022, her career and education to date reflect her balanced skills in leadership development, business acumen, and cultural agility.

Even though rage quitting is all the “rage”, there is a better approach to retaining your team.  Listen as guest Allison Barr speaks about recognizing the signs that someone may be getting ready to quit and tips on how to increase employee retention in the workplace.

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