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At Catalyst Global we have over 150 products for you to choose from.


Organising a team-building activity?
Is your team in the same location or working from home?  Or a bit of both?
We have a range of products that can be fully customised for your teams' unique requirements.

Product Stories

Find out how some of the most popular, trusted team building products came about. A paragliding accident that led to The Big Picture, a failed attempt to climb Amadablam led business game Peak Performance and a love of Samba led to the world's first corporate drumming program with Beatswork


Bring your team together with Virtual team building activities online.


Develop better teamwork with everyone together in one or multiple live locations.


Collaborative team building between in-person and remote employees.

Remote, Hybrid, Live

Break Out Bingo

Break Out Bingo is a fun remote networking activity where participants get to know each other through playing a sometimes hilarious game of Bingo on their mobile devices.

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Remote, Hybrid, Live

The Infinite Loop – Online

A strong lean management business game based on real-time collaboration and communication. Each team’s mission is to save a boy imprisoned in a virtual world. In their mission teams must pass through a series of doors which can be unlocked by answering puzzles.

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Remote, Hybrid, Live

CSI Space Odyssey

CSI Space Odyssey’s attractive graphics and escape room style riddles guarantee all players are engaged throughout. It develops leadership and teamwork skills under the pressure of competition and time. Through a fun, engaging theme, participants improve soft skills applicable to working remotely.

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More Products

Remote, Hybrid, Live

CSI La Hacienda

In CSI La Hacienda teams use effective communication, they convey their findings to the team. Critical thinking and reflection will assist teams in analysing and interpret the facts. To come to a consensus, teams must use deductive reasoning and debate as they manage individual interpretations and conflicting opinion

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Remote, Hybrid, Live

Peak Performance – Online

An emotionally gripping experiential learning activity where teams lead their guides up Mount Everest to the summit and return safely to basecamp over a 20-day expedition. Specifically designed to develop collaborative decision making and agile thinking in remote teams.

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Remote, Hybrid, Live, Remote Team Building

Global Innovation Game – Digital

A remote team building activity that fosters creativity, inclusion and good communication skills as it invites participants to generate and share new ideas as a team.

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Remote, Hybrid, Live

Go Explore!

Go Explore! gives your team access to an enormous range of venues including cities, art galleries, museums, zoos, aquariums, sporting venues, planaterium and more! In Go Explore participants engage and have fun together while learning more about the world around them and discovering each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Leadership and delegation are key to making sure a team is working in parallel and to its strengths.

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